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" ...your students already have a really good understanding of English ..."
John Marshall ha commentato i colloqui con i nostri ragazzi in partenza per Londra

La scorsa settimana i nostri ragazzi di quarta Liceo hanno sostenuto un colloquio in Inglese con John Marshall, della The British International School.
Scopo dei colloqui era la definizione dei diversi profili attitudinali e professionali per la ricerca, a Londra, dei posti di impiego per la Work Experience in London.
Il progetto si svolgerà a settembre ma in questi mesi i ragazzi hanno dovuto imparare a scrivere il proprio curriculum in Inglese e sostenere il colloquio per lo stage di lavoro.
Compito della The British International School, infatti, è quello di trovare impieghi il più possibile adeguati alle loro passioni ed inclinazioni in modo che la loro esperienza possa essere il più possibile significativa e formativa.
Di seguito la lettera che John Marshall ci ha inviato al termine dei dialoghi:
I am now two thirds of the way through the interviews and already know what my opinion is of the students.
Over the past few years I have organised work experience in London for many schools from all over Italy. I have been organising work experience for the students from the Liceo Malpigh for the past five years.
I can honestly say that your students are the best that I have ever worked with and many of the employers that I know tell me that they are very pleased when I tell them that I have another student for them from Bologna. Both I and the employers find that your students already have a really good understanding of English and have no difficulty in fitting in with their work colleagues and employers. This is not true of many other schools where students have only a basic understanding of English and employers sometimes find it hard to communicate with the students.
The other aspect of the students from the Liceo Malpighi is the self confidence that they portray when they are being interviewed. Much of this obviously comes from the fact that they have travelled abroad before (although not necessarily to London or England) which has allowed them to meet people with different languages and lifestyles which they have had to adapt to. It also gives great credit to the school in the way that the students are taught and the additional activities that they enter into such as the Business Game which develops their teamwork and their business acumen and presentation skills.
From my point of view I find that the interviews are of great benefit. It is impossible to tell from a cv what a student is really like and what their real standard of English is. It also helps me to understand what the student likes to do when he or she is not studying at the school. This is of great help to me in trying to find a work experience placement which the student will enjoy. For instance when there is a student who is musical and plays an instrument well, I will try and find them a job in a musical instrument shop or, if there is a student who has studied dancing I will try and place them with a ballet company such as the Royal Academy of Dance, working in their shop. Some students who are well travelled might find themselves working in a Travel Agency and those whose passion is reading might work in a bookshop. In each case this knowledge is not gained from just reading a cv but from talking to the students and finding out what lies behind the written word. Having said all that, it is not always possible to find the perfect fit for every student as it will depend on the availability of the employer to take a student at the time, but it does make it easier to try and make sure that every student will be happy in their work placement - I know however from previous years that there are always one or two students who I have to move to different employers once they have started work but this is rare.
One of the other aspects of the job interview is that this is, in most cases, the first interview that the students will have done and I try as far as possible to treat them as any other potential employer would which I hope will benefit them in future years. One of the aspects that always comes over to me is that initial nervousness of the students and part of my role is to try and put them at their ease and get them to relax. This is obviously more difficult with Skype interviews where you can only see the students face and cannot interpret their body language which can tell you a lot about a person.
I have noticed over the past years that the standard of cv's has improved considerably. When I first started doing these interviews four years ago the standard cv was probably less than one side of paper and only told me the students name, address and what they are studying. The cv's that I am now receiving are much more informative and tell me much more about the students and their interests which allows me to refine my questions. This is also what they should be producing for potential employers in the future. As a general observation the cv's produced by the girls are generally better than those produced by the boys although I have not decided the reason for this!
I hope this is of help and I look forward to finding some interesting work experience placements for the students again this year.
With kind regards

John Marshall"