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Programme of Studies

Malpighi, with its 750 pupils, has a very long and established history. It is located in the medieval city of Bologna, where the first University in the world was founded in 1088.
In our school there are two programmes of studies: one is scientific oriented, while the other one is language oriented.
Malpighi’s Liceo Scientifico offers its pupils an in-depth, interdisciplinary approach to the scientific world. Courses offered are: science, physics, advanced mathematics, geography, Latin language and literature, history, Italian literature, and English.
Malpighi’s “Liceo Linguistico” offers its pupils an in-depth, interdisciplinary approach to European and non-European languages and cultures. The courses offered are: English language and literature, Spanish language and literature, French or German language and literature, and from September 2011 Mandarin as well. Italian literature, Latin, philosophy, art history, mathematics and geography are also mandatory.
For both programs, pupils work with English native speakers every week, they do guided study for language certification tests, and also partake in one hour per week of Geography and Science in English using CLIL (for more information on CLIL please see below).

Thanks to the partnership with the Royal Holloway University in London every year Malpighi can count on two English teaching assistants working for the English department. They help pupils to practice and improve their English oral skills one hour per week during the English classes. This is a great chance for our pupils to meet native speakers and learn about their culture, as well as practicing the spoken language.

Our language teachers also prepare their pupils to take foreign language examinations. Our students/pupils are strongly recommended to take the following tests:
• DELF for French: The Diplôme d'études en langue française
• DELE for Spanish: The Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera
• Zertifikat Deutsch for German
• Pupils also take English language examinations to demonstrate their level of English according to the the Common European Framework.
During the first two years of Secondary School, pupils take the Preliminary English Test (PET). This is an intermediate level qualification in English (B1) that opens the doors to opportunities for work, study and travel.
Meanwhile, students in their 4th year of studies take the First Certificate in English (FCE),(B2) and the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE),(C1). These are exams for people who need to prove they can use everyday written and spoken English at an upper-intermediate and advanced level for work or study purposes.
Malpighi also organizes courses for those pupils who are interested in taking the TOEFL test. The latter measures their ability to use and understand English at academic level with the aim to perform academic tasks.

CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning
CLIL refers to situations where subjects, or parts of subjects, are taught through a foreign language with dual-focused aims, namely the learning of content, and the simultaneous learning of a foreign language'. (Marsh, 1994) CLIL stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning and was introduced at Malpighi at the beginning of the current academic year. It involves learning subjects such as Geography, Science, and Economics in English rather than Italian. So far, it has proved popular and very successful in enhancing the learning of English as well as of the other subjects.

Malpighi School gives special attention to the planning of field trips, which are an integral part of the curriculum. It is very important for pupils to visit and experience first-hand what they have previously studied in order to have a better understanding of the subject. This is the reason why all classes are taken out on trips several times during the school year.

For more information about our school program of studies please visit click on “Liceo Scientifico or/and Liceo Linguistico